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OPI and Shellac Gel Colour nails

  • Colour that can last up to 2-3 weeks
  • Long lasting colour and shine
  • No chipping
  • Instantly dry
  • Perfect for holidays or special occasions
  • They add a little bit of strength to your own nails
  • They can be done in French or colour
  • They take only 30 minutes to do
  • They are easily removed when soaked in acetone


** Please note they can only be done over your natural nail, not a nail extension tip. So no length is added. The time you get out of them varies on the condition of your own nails and how you look after them**

Gel colour- Strawberry Margarita
Gel Colour - Pink Flamenco
Gel Colour - I eat mainly lobster
Gel - French
Gel colour - Samoan Sand
Gel Colour - Wooden Shoe Like To Know with The Living Daylights on one nail
Gel colour - On her majesty's secret service (after 1 week)
Gel colour - Miami beet (after 5 weeks!)