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False Eyelashes

Hollywood Semi-Permanent lashes

These amazing new lash extensions are naturally curled, look gorgeous but also feel weightless on your eyes, being both flexible and crimp resistant.


Once applied, Hollywood lashes are water resistant, meaning you can shower, swim, sweat, cry and sleep without worry. These lashes will enhance your natural beauty, increase confidence and are ideally suited for weddings, parties, holidays and special occasions as well as normal every day wear.


What makes Hollywood Lashes different to normal extensions is the lash is C shaped to emulate the natural lash. This means the lash does not have a 'bobble' on the end and this lash fits snugly to your natural lash giving an even natural appearance.


The lash extension is attached to selected 'healthy' donor lashes. Your natural lashes grow for 1 month then rest for 2 months before naturally shedding. We don't attach lashes to 'mature' lashes which have had their growth and most of their rest period as these lashes are nearly at the end of their lash cycle and could drop out anytime.


The adhesive used is medical grade and is permanent, the lash extension will only come out when the natural lash falls at the end of its life. It is the
combination of all of the above that makes our lashes last so long.


  • Superbly designed for perfect separation
  • Individual lashes offer curl, volume & uplifting enhancement
  • Like real lashes, fine & naturally soft
  • Different lengths, thickness & curl available to customise clients look
  • 2 looks: Natural & glamorous



  • Long lasting, up to 3 months (Touch ups required every 2-4 weeks)
  • Comfortable & natural just like your own
  • Soft, sensual & glamorous eyes
  • Adds volume & length
  • Great for everyday wear
  • Waterproof & weatherproof
  • No need for eyelash curlers
  • Care free & casual

***A patch test is required at least 48 hours before application. Eyelashes also need to be tinted if they are very fair***



New set £50


Removal £10


Touch ups £25 (At least 1/3rd of lashes left on)


Touch ups £30 (4 weeks or under from previous application and less than 1/3rd of lashes left on)


Over 4 weeks from previous application is a new set £50 (No lashes left on)


Strip lashes

  • Strip eyelashes will give you glamorous, thick and longer eyelashes
  • They come in a variety of styles from very natural to thick and dramatic
  • They last for one day/night but can be re-used
  • To remove strip lashes, pull them gently off from the outside in
  • No damage to your own eyelashes

Temporary individual lashes

  • They add length and volume to your eyelashes, so there’s no need to wear mascara
  • Perfect for a special occasion, a holiday or even just everyday wear
  • They come in a choice of length to suit the shape/size of your eye or to suit the occasion
  • They can last anywhere from a day to 3 weeks


What to do before:


  • If you have very light eyelashes it’s a good idea to get them tinted first
  • Make sure your eyelashes are free from mascara




  • When removing make-up use a damp cotton pad wiping over the
    eyelid avoiding the eyelashes
  • Avoid wearing mascara, getting them wet and rubbing them
Temporary individual lashes - Small, medium and long